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CNR Institutes
By thematic areas

Earth & Environment

Institute of ecosystem study (ISE)

Research institute for geo-hydrological protection (IRPI)

Institute of environmental geology and geoengineering (IGAG)

Marine science institute (ISMAR)

Water research institute (IRSA)

Institute of Atmospheric pollution Research (IIA)

Institute of atmospheric sciences and climate (ISAC)

Institute of methodologies for environmental analysis (IMAA)

Institute for coastal marine environment (IAMC)

Institute for the Dynamics of Environmental Processes (IDPA)

Institute of geosciences and earth resources (IGG)

Institute of agro-envinronmental and forest biology (IBAF)


Reserch Institute on Terrestrial Ecosystems (IRET)


Energy & Transportation

Institute for advanced energy technologies "Nicola Giordano" (ITAE)

Institute for Research on Engines (IM)

Institute for research on combustion (IRC)

Institute of ionized gas (IGI)

Institute for plasma physics "Piero Caldirola" (IFP)

Institute of Marine Engineering (INM)

Agriculture & Food

Plant Protection Institute (IPP)

Institute of plant virology (IVV)

Institute of sciences of food production (ISPA)

Institute for animal production system in mediterranean environment (ISPAAM)

Tree and timber institute (IVALSA)

Institute of plant genetics (IBBR)

Institute for Agricultural and Forest Systems in the Mediterranean (ISAFoM)

Institute for biometeorology (IBIMET)

Institute of agricultural biology and biotechnology (IBBA)

Institute of food sciences (ISA)

Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection (IPSP)


Institute of molecular genetics (IGM)

Institute of biostructure and bioimaging (IBB)

Institute of neurogenetics and neuropharmacology (IRGB)

Institute of neuroscience (IN)

Institute of clinical physiology (IFC)

Institute of biomedicine and molecular immunology "Alberto Monroy" (IBIM)

Institute of biomedical technologies (ITB)

Institute of molecular bioimaging and physiology (IBFM)

Organs tranplantation and immunology institute (ITOI)

Institute of biomedical engineering (ISIB)

Institute of neurological sciences (ISN)

Institute of cell biology (IBC)

Institute of neurobiology and molecular medicine (INMM)

Institute of Traslational Pharmacology (IFT)

Life Sciences

Institute Experimental Endocrinology and Oncology "Gaetano Salvatore" (IEOS)

Institute of biomembrane and bioenergetics (IBIOM)

Institute of molecular biology and pathology (IBPM)

Institute of genetics and biophysics "Adriano Buzzati Traverso" (IGB)

Institute of protein biochemistry (IBP)

Institute of population genetics (IGP)

Institute of Cell Biology and Neurobiology (IBCN)


Molecular Design

Institute for chemical and physical processes (IPCF)

Institute of Condensed Matter Chemistry and Energy Technologies (ICMATE)

Institute of Crystallography (IC)

Institute of chemistry and technology of polymers (ICTP)

Institute for composite and biomedical materials (IMCB)

Institute of chemistry of molecular recognition (ICRM)

Institute of science and technology for ceramics (ISTEC)

Institute of inorganic chemistry and surfaces (ICIS)

Institute for organic syntheses and photoreactivity (ISOF)

Institute of chemistry of organometallic compounds (ICCOM)

Institute of biomolecular chemistry (ICB)

Institute of molecular science and technologies (ISTM)

Institute for macromolecular studies (ISMAC)

Institute for Biological Systems (ISB)

Institute of nanostructured materials (ISMN)

Institute on membrane technology (ITM)

Institute of Polymers, Composites and Biomaterials (IPCB)

Materials & Devices

Institute of structure of matter (ISM)

Institute for microelectronics and microsystems (IMM)

Institute for photonics and nanotechnologies (IFN)

Institute of Nanotechnology (NANOTEC)

Institute of applied physics "Nello Carrara" (IFAC)

Istituto di cibernetica "Edoardo Caianiello" (ISASI)

Institute of biophysics (IBF)

Institutes for complex systems (ISC)

Scientific Responsibility Centre INFM (INFM)

National Institute of Optics (INO)

Institute for superconductors, oxides and other innovative materials and devices (SPIN)

Institute of materials (IOM)

Institute of nanoscience (NANO)

Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Construction technologies institute (ITC)

Institute of industrial technologies and automation (STIIMA)

Institute of intelligent systems for automation (ISSIA)

Institute of materials for electronics and magnetism (IMEM)

Institute for agricultural and earthmoving machines (IMAMOTER)

Information and Communication Technologies

Institute for applied mathematics "Mauro Picone" (IAC)

Institute for informatics and telematics (IIT)

Institute for applied mathematics and information technologies (IMATI)

Institute of Acoustics and Sensors "Orso Mario Corbino" (IDASC)

Institute for system analysis and computer science "Antonio Ruberti" (IASI)

Institute for high performance computing and networking (ICAR)

Institute for electromagnetic sensing of the environment (IREA)

Institute of information science and technologies "Alessandro Faedo" (ISTI)

Institute of Electronics, Computer and Telecommunication Engineering (IEIIT)

Cultural Identity

Institute of studies on mediterranean societies (ISSM)

Research Institute on Sustainable Economic Growth (IRCRES)

Institute for the history of philosophical and scientific thought in modern age (ISPF)

Institute for the european intellectual lexicon and history of ideas (ILIESI)

Research institute on judicial systems (IRSIG)

Institute for research on population and social policies (IRPPS)

Institute for the Study of Regionalism, Federalism and Self-Government "Massimo Severo Giannini" (ISSIRFA)

Institute of mediterranean europe history (ISEM)

Institute for service industry research (IRISS)

Institute of computational linguistics "Antonio Zampolli" (ILC)

The italian dictionary (OVI)

Institute for international legal studies (ISGI)

Institute for educational technology (ITD)

Institute of cognitive sciences and technologies (ISTC)

Institute of legal information theory and techniques (ITTIG)

Cultural heritage

Institute for technologies applied to cultural heritage (ITABC)

Institute for the Conservation and Promotion of Cultural Heritage (ICVBC)

Institute of archeological heritage - monuments and sites (IBAM)

Institute for the Study on Ancient Mediterranean (ISMA)

Institute for Aegean and Near Eastern Studies (ICEVO)

Scientific Responsibility Centre IDAIC (IDAIC)


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