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Tree and timber institute


“Trees and Timber Institute “

The Italian National Research Council (CNR) is a public organization of main relevance in the field of scientific and technological research of the Country whose original institution goes back to year 1923.

CNR is a national research organization, with scientific research institutes distributed over Italy, which carries out activity of primary interest aimed to the promotion of science and the progress of the Country.

With the issuing of the legislative decree 19/1999, which defines "The reorganization of the National Research Council ", over 300 CNR institutes have been merged into 108 institutes confirming the central role of CNR in the Italian research system.

The Trees and Timber Institute (IVALSA) results from the merging, on September 2002, of three previous CNR Institutes, i.e. IRL (wood research), ITL (wood technology) and IPSL (wooden plants).

IVALSA is therefore shaped as a tree-wood chain institute: basic research and applied research plus an important support action for product stardardisation and professional training are the main issues for the institute.

In particular IVALSA’s R&D activity is aimed to the following areas:

- Characterization, selection and propagation of tree species and biodiversity preservation.
- Valorization and protection of the agro-forest environment.
- Quality improvement of timber production in forests and plantations including biomass exploitation.
- Promotion of wood technology and civil industrial uses of timber.

The Institute premises are located in:
· Headquarters: Sesto Fiorentino, near Florence
· Northern Italy branch: San Michele all’Adige, near Trento.

IVALSA staff counts 37 Researchers (20 of them on a permanent base) and 30 Technicians.

Specific experimental work on wood is carried out through the Laboratories, e.g.:
· Wood Anatomy, Phisical & Mechanical identification, Decay & Preservation, Wood Chemistry and adhesives, Fire reaction and resistance, Wood drying.

In addition a large documentation data base is available for wood and wooden products.


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