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Institute for technologies applied to cultural heritage

URL: http://www.itabc.cnr.it
E-Mail: itabc@itabc.cnr.it
Address: Via Salaria km. 29,300 - 00016 Monterotondo Stazione RM Lazio
Phone: (+39) 0690672713/377
Fax.: (+39) 0690672684
CDS code: 098
Research area: Patrimonio Culturale
Research fields: - The activities of the Institute are the following: Territorial information systems and statistical methods applied to cultural heritage; re-construction and contextualization of archaeological landscape through GIS, remote sensing, virtual reality and multimedia. High resolution geological and geophysical methodologies devoted to the characterization of geological sites and historical manufactured articles. Cataloguing, analysis, and study of ancient coins and monetary treasures. Research and analysis methodologies on manufactured articles, with particular reference to metallic ones. Multidisciplinary studies for the analysis, the documentation, the evaluation, the restoration, the conservation, and the valorization of the built heritage.
Creation date (dd/mm/yyyy): 15/10/2001


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