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Institute of information science and technologies "Alessandro Faedo"

URL: http://www.isti.cnr.it
Director: dott. CLAUDIO MONTANI
E-Mail: direzione@isti.cnr.it
Address: Via Giuseppe Moruzzi, 1 - 56124 Pisa PI Toscana
Phone: (+39) 0503152878
Fax.: (+39) 0503152811
Institute Brochure
CDS code: 074
Research area: ICT
Research fields: Wireless heterogeneous networks; New technologies for electronic mail systems; User interfaces and home automation for ubiquitous interactive services; Knowledge discovery and data mining; Digital libraries; Spatial information in the knowledge society; Component-based architectures for complex and reliable systems; Advanced technologies, systems and services for grid computing; Evaluation of software intensive systems; Methods and tools to design software-intensive, complex systems; Processing and integration of multisource signals and images; 3D Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction; Mathematical models and numerical methods for flight dynamics and solid mechanics; Sensors and signal processing for risk assessment of structures; Innovative technologies for digital access to cultural heritage.
Creation date (dd/mm/yyyy): 13/09/2000
The Institute is committed to producing scientific excellence and to playing an active role in technology transfer. The domain of competence covers Information Science, related technologies and a wide range of applications. The activity of the Institute aims at increasing knowledge, developing and testing new ideas and widening the application areas. A distinctive feature of Information Technology is the rapid pace of developments and the easy flow of information between diverse research communities and between academia and wide sectors of industry, business and society at large. If it is to be vital and effective, research in this domain requires constant attention and prompt reaction to stimuli and to new opportunities. A further requirement is the close integration of all components of the research community. laser scanner ISTI is actively involved in collaborations with the academic world and in cooperative research and development programs, both national and international. In recognition of the importance of training in today’s Information Society, ISTI pays great attention to involving doctoral students and post-doctoral fellows in research activities and participates actively in the doctoral programs of the University of Pisa and other partner universities.


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