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Institute for composite and biomedical materials

URL: http://www.imcb.cnr.it
E-Mail: segreteria@imcb.cnr.it
Address: Viale Kennedy, 54 - Mostra d'Oltremare Pad. 20 - 80125 Napoli NA Campania
Phone: (+39) 081 2425928 - 081 2425931
Fax.: (+39) 081 24 25 932
Sections: Trento
CDS code: 051
Research area: Progettazione Molecolare
Research fields: The activities of the IMCB-CNR are based on the well established expertise and knowledge on polymer and composite structures (natural, semi-synthetic, synthetic), at different organization level (from nano to macro) with specific multi-functionality, leading to the development of innovative environmental friendly products and processes for industrial sectors such as, aerospace, biomedical, constructions, energy, electronic, packaging, transportation, etc. The research activities are the following: - Functional polymers, composite and nano-structures with tailored properties and processing; - Processing and monitoring technologies; - Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Technology transfer activity is also implemented to guarantee the dissemination and exploitation of scientific results.
Creation date (dd/mm/yyyy): 12/10/2001


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