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Institute of Atmospheric pollution Research

URL: http://www.iia.cnr.it
E-Mail: direzione@iia.cnr.it
Address: Via Salaria Km 29,300 C.P. 10 - 00015 Monterotondo RM Lazio
Phone: (+39) 0690672803
Fax.: (+39) 0690672472
Institute Brochure
Sections: Sede secondaria di Roma Sede secondaria di Rende FIRENZE
CDS code: 046
Research area: Terra e Ambiente
Research fields: Air pollution in urban, remote and industrial environments, including polar regions; pollutant cycles over varying scales and how they will change in a changing climate; development of analytical methodologies for the laboratory and field campaigns (including ship and aircraft borne instrumentation); Regional and global observatory systems and networks; Legislation relating to air pollution and industrial risks; Interoperable systems and technologies for geospatial data and information.
Creation date (dd/mm/yyyy): 12/02/2001
The Italian National Research Councilís Institute of Atmospheric Pollution Research undertakes research and development activities in the following thematic areas (Presidential provision n. 26 Prot.n. 0021832 of 15/04/2013): - Air pollution in urban and industrial areas; - Industrial pollution and environmentally sensitive areas; - Analytical technology and methodology development for laboratory and platform based characterization of air quality and sustainability; - Polar regions; - Atmospheric pollutant cycles and global climate change influences; - Observation systems and networks for air pollution in support of European directives and international conventions; - Development of systems and technologies for geospatial data sharing and interoperability; The Institute is home to the National Reference Centre for Mercury (CRNM) (www.cnrmerc.org) which represents Italy within the framework of the International Convention on Mercury which is currently in the approval phase under the auspices of UNEP (Provvedimenti n.78796 del 20/12/2012; n.38481, 28/06/2013). The activity of the Institute is predominantly focused on projects and programs with international, European and national relevance.


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