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Institute of population genetics

URL: http://cnr.it
Director: Dott MARIO PIRASTU
E-Mail: c.lamon@igp.cnr.it
Address: Trav. La Crucca, 3 - Reg. Baldinca - 07100 Li Punti - Sassari SS Sardegna
Phone: (+39) 0792841301
Fax.: (+39) 0792841399
CDS code: 038
Research area: Scienze della Vita
Research fields: - The research fields of the Institute are: Multidisciplinary studies on human populations, mainly of Sardinia, with particular regards to genetic isolates, for the identification of genes and environmental factors associated to simple and complex phenotypes. Molecular genetics of monogenic and multifactorial diseases. Epidemiology and molecular diagnosis of hereditary diseases, with particular reference to the prevalent ones in Sardinia.
Creation date (dd/mm/yyyy): 24/05/2001


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