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Institute of biomolecular chemistry

URL: http://www.icb.cnr.it
E-Mail: direzione@icb.cnr.it
Address: Via Campi Flegrei, 34 - 80078 Pozzuoli NA Campania
Phone: (+39) 081 8675018 081 8661444
Fax.: (+39) 081 8041770
Institute Brochure
Sections: Sede secondaria di Sassari Sede secondaria di Catania Sede secondaria di Padova
CDS code: 019
Research area: Progettazione Molecolare
Research fields: a) Innovative syntheses of organic compounds for applications in energetics, food and biomedicine b) Molecular recognition and its biological impact c) Natural products and their applications in biomedicine and environment d) Bioprofiling: molecular markers in biomedicine e) Bioprocesses and biological systems for industrial applications
Creation date (dd/mm/yyyy): 22/01/2001
The mission of ICB consists of the chemical study of biological systems and processes to understand their function at the molecular level and explore their new technological applications.


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