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Institute for coastal marine environment

URL: http://www.iamc.cnr.it
Director: Dott.ssa LAURA GIULIANO
E-Mail: direttore@iamc.cnr.it
Address: Calata Porta di Massa - 80133 Napoli NA Campania
Phone: (+39) 0815423804
Fax.: (+39) 0815423887
Sections: Sezione di Oristano Sezione di Taranto Sezione di Messina Sezione di Mazara del Vallo Sezione di Capo Granitola Castellammare del Golfo
CDS code: 002
Research area: Terra e Ambiente
Research fields: - The activities of the Institute are the following: Biological resources and sustainability, with particular attention to fishing and aquaculture resources. Biodiversity of marine ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles, devoted to the study of: ecosystems of coastal strip and resources; mechanisms determining biodiversity; marine system tolerance of perturbation. Marine geology and morpho-bathymetry based upon the study of the morphology of the sea floor, the acoustic characteristics of the floor, and the stratigraphic and tectonic aspect of the seafloor. Pre-operation and ecological oceanography of sensorial systems aiming at a continuous forecast of the future conditions of the sea.
Creation date (dd/mm/yyyy): 15/10/2001


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