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Institute for coastal marine environment

URL: http://www.iamc.cnr.it
E-Mail: direttore@iamc.cnr.it
Address: Calata Porta di Massa - 80133 Napoli NA Campania
Phone: (+39) 0815423846
Fax.: (+39) 0815423887
Institute Brochure
Sections: Sede secondaria di Oristano Sede secondaria di Taranto Sede secondaria di Messina Sede secondaria di di Mazara del Vallo Sede secondaria di Capo Granitola Castellammare del Golfo Capo Granitola
CDS code: 002
Research area: Terra e Ambiente
Research fields: - The activities of the Institute are the following: Biological resources and sustainability, with particular attention to fishing and aquaculture resources. Biodiversity of marine ecosystems and biogeochemical cycles, devoted to the study of: ecosystems of coastal strip and resources; mechanisms determining biodiversity; marine system tolerance of perturbation. Marine geology and morpho-bathymetry based upon the study of the morphology of the sea floor, the acoustic characteristics of the floor, and the stratigraphic and tectonic aspect of the seafloor. Pre-operation and ecological oceanography of sensorial systems aiming at a continuous forecast of the future conditions of the sea.
Creation date (dd/mm/yyyy): 15/10/2001
The Institute’s mission is to conducts interdisciplinary research on coastal areas, with primary emphasis on Southern Italy and the Mediterranean, and aligns its research along six main scientific themes: Biodiversity and ecology of coastal, deep and polar marine systems, Sustainable use of biological resources Aquaculture, Marine Geology and Geophysics, Operational oceanography, Biogeochemistry and environmental geochemistry. Observational activities include analysis, monitoring and modelling of distribution processes of both inorganic and organic micropollutants; study and application of chemical, physical and biological remediation techniques. Results areapplied towards the development of innovative approaches and technological systems intended for the management of coastal zones, including advisory services to help policymakers, public companies, industry, and citizens to effectively manage and conserve coastal and marine resources.


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