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Istituto di biochimica delle proteine

Sito web dell'Istituto: http://www.ibp.cnr.it
Direttore: Dr. DANIELA CORDA    
Indirizzo: Via Pietro Castellino n. 111 - 80131 Napoli NA Campania
Tel.: 081 6132273 - 081 6132536
Fax.: 081 6132277
E-Mail: d.corda@ibp.cnr.it
Codice CDS dell'Istituto: 007
Dipartimento di prevista afferenza: Scienze della Vita
The research at IBP is structured around one fundamental question: How do components of living beings organize themselves to produce molecular, cellular and tissue functions? IBP researchers are interested, indeed, in how biological functions of cells and tissues emerge from the interactions between individual molecules and cells. To approach this central issue at all possible magnitude scales research at IBP spans fields as different as photonics, molecular imaging, enzymology, biochemistry, pharmacology, cell biology, epigenetics, systems biology and immunology. The final goal of our research is that to uncover and dissect new molecular machineries and the control systems supervising their functions. To solve these challenging biological problems that are difficult to address in existing research settings, researchers at IBP work together in multidisciplinary teams. Moreover the IBP attitude towards research is translational inasmuch the basic molecular knowledge obtained by investigators in the Institute is used to design and experimentally test pharmacological treatments for human diseases (Cancer and Rare Genetic Diseases), innovative vaccines, and environment preserving procedures.


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