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Institute for animal production system in mediterranean environment


Director: Dott. ANDREA SCALONI    

E-mail: andrea.scaloni@ispaam.cnr.it

Telephone number: 0815964977

Curriculum: vedi allegato.


Scientific field: Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences Specific field: Animal Production Specialization: Animal Cytogenetics Research activity: it has been addressed to the “Genetic Improvement of Livestock”, in the sector of “Animal Cytogenetics and Gene mapping” The researches performed in this sector can be fitted in five main scientific aspects: Clinical cytogenetics - study of the relationships between chromosome abnormalities and animal reproduction by using both chromosome banding and fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) technique to perform the selection of the reproducers; Evolutionary cytogenetics – study of chromosome relationships among related (bovids) and unrelated (bovids-humans) species by using chromosome banding , Zoo-FISH and the FISH-mapping (gene order) techniques to delineate the karyotype evolution and of the animals and the rearrangements occurred to differentiate their chromosomes (number and shape); Molecular cytogenetics – construction of detailed cytogenetic maps (gene order) in cattle, river buffalo, sheep, goat and horse and comparison with humans for transferring useful informations from human genome to those of the animals; Environmental cytogenetics – study of the effects of the environmental mutagens on animal chromosomes by using cytogenetic test a tools to check the food chain and the animal welfare; Chromosome characterization: improving chromosome knowledge by using high resolution chromosome banding with subsequent construction of standard banded karyotypes of domestic animals, mainly bovids.
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